I am Ethelind Belle, a personal style curator, a fancy way to say I make fashion style.
I love playing dress up, creating something new, reinventing classics, and telling stories with what I wear.
My goal is to help others do the same. To be the matchmaker that accentuates inner beauty with outer appearances while showcasing each unique personality.
I believe that confidence is style and style is timeless.
My aesthetic is from the ever warm colorful streets of Ghana to the sometimes snow-capped evergreens of Minnesota.
I combine my aesthetic with each client’s personality, vision and lifestyle to perfect a blending of seemingly incompatible flavors to a chic that is at home from bohemian marketplaces to Upper East Side country clubs.
My personal style is something classic with edgy elements and a certain je ne said quoi to accessorize.

Aside from styling
Mom, mommy, mama, wife.  Legal marketer. Bonafide Taurus finding pleasures in a million things including chocolate truffles, sunsets by a body of water, smell of peonies, cheap good red wine, Michael Fassbender, and the view from four- inch heels. Obnoxious laughter while falling in love with every hello, especially if it’s to a pair of heels. That is the key to my heart.

In a nutshell:
I’m a self (loudly and animatedly) proclaimed introvert who loves hearing the stories behind the personas and creating wearable art to match. Over the years I have styled individuals, photo shoots, and live events. I sometimes write fashion stories for publications and regularly collaborate with other style influencers. Other times, I’m chasing epiphany.

Send me an email if you want to chat about style and how we make the world beautiful one outfit at a time.